Bill Burr’s SNL Sketch Making Fun Of Sam Adams Pumpkin Beer Is Spot-On

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Bill Burr’s very first crack at hosting Saturday Night Live did not disappoint.

First, he took no prisoners in a monologue that sparked instant outrage from a woke Twitter mob, proving that so many in the world do not understand Burr’s comedy brain. Burr’s monologue was engineered to trigger an outrage algorithm; seeing that metastasize to different social media dimensions is like breaking a comedy fourth wall.

Beyond the monologue, Burr’s highlights from Saturday Night Live in include “New Normal,” a sketch where Burr and Kate McKinnon play a couple on edge from pandemic quarantine and “Don Pauly,” a sketch imagining a “woke” group mobsters a la The Sopranos.

Overshadowed by all the chatter about Burr and wokeness, the Boston comedian’s sketch about Sam Adams pumpkin beer is an instant classic.

Burr goes full Boston, guzzling Sam Adams pumpkin beer at a grocery store beer sampling. It devolves into Burr gong full Boston belligerent, like the kind of person who’d crack your skull if you remind him that the Patriots definitely cheated to win Super Bowl XXXIX.

Burr delivers the most accurate assessment ever for all fall beers that sit in your fridge past Halloween.

“This is like a beer that somebody brings to a party at your house and it sits in your fridge for eight months…”

Sam Adams Octoberfest, however, always delivers.

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