Herd Of Bison Gets Spooked And Tramples Car By Running Straight Over It

  • Footage of a bison herd trampling a car in Alaska is going viral
  • The video was shot in Alaska on a narrow road as a herd of bison felt trapped so they trampled a vehicle and smashed it to pieces
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Wood Bison used to live naturally in Alaska but their numbers disappeared over the past few hundred years. They have since been reintroduced into the Alaskan wilderness and there are a few hundred of them out there but I didn’t know that until a few minutes ago when I had to Google ‘are there wild bison in Alaska?’

The wood bison in Alaska is the larger of the two subspecies of American Bison. The adult females weigh around 1,200 pounds and the males weigh about 2,000 pounds. For comparison’s sake, the average compact car in America weighs 2,919 pounds and the average midsize car weighs 3,361 pounds. So one car equals about 1.5 wood bison for anyone keeping track at home.

These Wood Bison evidently felt trapped on the narrow road with high snowbanks. Instead of powering through the snowbanks, they went over and through the vehicle and demolished it in the process with the driver left stunned. This is night footage and there are headlights so it’s not exactly Hollywood-levels of clarity here but it’s still wild to behold. Make sure the sound is on so you can hear the car getting crunched.

Wood Bison Herd Tramples Car

This incident took place in Delta Junction, Alaska. I wouldn’t have any idea of how to describe where that is other than ‘central Alaska’ and relatively close to the Canadian border. It has a population of under 1,000 residents, it’s surrounded by three mountain ranges, and there are evidently Wood Bison throughout.

A close-up bison stampede is an experience I’d love to witness someday. Not close enough where I get trampled myself, but something like this stampede at Yellowstone a few weeks ago would be such an incredible thing to experience up close.

Don’t get too close.

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