Popular Body Language Expert On TikTok Shares Tips To Tell What People Are Thinking

Body Language Expert Shares Tips To Tell What People Are Thinking


  • A body language expert on TikTok with over a million followers shared some simple tips to help understand what people are really thinking.
  • The TikToker shares numerous body language hacks and secrets including things like how to have more confidence, how to overcome low self-esteem, and how to improve your mood.
  • More body language tips here.

A body language expert named Patricia (@patricia.cnr) has racked up over 1.1 million followers thanks to the numerous videos she produces sharing various mental life hacks and secrets.

Among the many topics she has shared on TikTok are things like how to exude more confidence on a date and how to handle conflict. Many of her TikTok videos have been watched well over a million times.

In one popular TikTok video, Patricia talks about how to tell what people are really thinking based just on their body language.

“During a conversation, look at people’s feet,” she writes. “If their feet are pointed at you, [it] signals that the pointer is interested in you.

“If their feet are pointed away from you, [it] can signal disinterest, discomfort, or desire to exit the conversation.”


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Speaking of the best way to exit a conversation, she’s got a TikTok video for that too.


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In another TikTok video, Patricia explains how to tell if someone is lying to you based on their body language.

“Look at their feet,” she says. “People increase their lower body movements when they lie. Jiggling their feet, withdrawing their feet, crossing them, or turning them away from you is the brain’s attempt to hide, to run away from what is being experienced.

“Which means that they are being nervous. They have something to hide. They don’t feel comfortable, and most probably, they are lying to you.”


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In another TikTok video, Patricia says that talking while gesturing with your palms up in a conversation will make the person like you.

She also points out in another video that if you want to know how someone feels about you, look at their hands.

“If they’re hiding their hands while they’re speaking to you, that means they’re feeling uncomfortable around you and they don’t want to engage in the conversation,” she explains.

Patricia also cross-shares some of her most popular life hacks and body language tips from TikTok on her Instagram page.

This one’s been viewed almost 14 million times.

And this one has been viewed an astonishing 29.4 MILLION TIMES.

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