Forget Yanny Vs. Laurel, Brainstorm Vs. Green Needle Is The New Way To Mess With Your Friends

by 8 months ago
Brainstorm Vs Green Needle


Remember way back on… yesterday, when Yanny vs. Laurel was tearing the internet apart? Yeah… those really were the days, weren’t they?

Well, fast forward a few years in internet time to today and we have a new brain teaser that’s confounding the people who use the internet: Brainstorm vs. Green Needle.

Here’s how it works.

First, listen to the video below and find out what words you hear.


Did you hear brainstorm?

Or was it green needle?

Maybe you heard brain needle?

Okay, if you heard brainstorm, think of green needle while you listen to it again. Do the opposite of that if you heard green needle the first time.


Weird, right?

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