The Twisty Ties On Sliced Bread Have A Secret Color Code And Learning It Will Help You Keep Track Of Freshness

life hack twisty ties sliced bread color code

  • The twisty ties on sliced bread are always different colors
  • Learning this life hack code behind those colors will lead to fresher bread
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The twisty ties found on sliced bread at the grocery store are always different colors but there’s a color code behind the mayhem. Learning this color code and committing it to memory will unlock the secret to fresher bread.

There has been a global boom in baking bread at home over the past year but billions still buy their sliced bread at the grocery store. I don’t buy bread frequently enough to really pay attention to the color of the twisty tie. But the explanation I would’ve thought is that each brand uses a different color. That’s not the code.

Those metal twisty ties or plastic tags on sliced read correspond to the day the bread was baked. I actually just walked into my kitchen to confirm that these are different colors and I’m not being punked here. I had bread with a green tag and potato rolls with white tags.

This life hack you need to commit to memory is the color of the tag or twisty tie on bread corresponds to the day that it was baked. So when you’re shopping, ideally you want to match up the color to the day you’re shopping or the most recent day.

  • Monday = Blue
  • Tuesday = Green
  • Thursday = Red
  • Friday = White
  • Saturday = Yellow

The reason that Wednesday and Sunday aren’t listed is because most grocery stores don’t get deliveries on those days, according to Tasting Table.

While it might not be easy for everyone to commit this new life hack to memory there’s an easy workaround. Just Google the color of the day the next time you go shopping, repeat this process, and eventually you’ll be able to remember the twisty tie color code.

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