This Simple Hack For Scanning Documents From Your iPhone To Laptop Is A Game-Changer For Adulthood



Scanning documents has always been a massive inconvenience, even more so this time of year with Tax Day looming. There was a time when it wasn’t a massive pain because I was in BroBible‘s SoHo office every day and we had a professional setup like most offices. But I’ve been working from home for several years now and there have been times when I have considered buying a printer/scanner just to use once or twice a year.

This iPhone hack for easily scanning documents between your iPhone to your laptop is a legitimate game-changer for the few and far between times I actually need to scan documents. And I’m guessing there are A LOT of people out there who will find this incredibly useful as well.

TikTok user KeyboardShortcuts shared this video recently and it’s since gone viral on Twitter as well. To scan a physical/printed document in 6 seconds to your laptop all you need to do is follow these insructions. Here’s the Twitter and TikTok clip with a step-by-step version below:

This is a simple as right-clicking anywhere on Finder/on your desktop that isn’t a file. You then choose Import From iPhone -> Scan Documents. Once you do this, your laptop automatically syncs with your iPhone and you are able to scan any documents. After you have finished scanning any and all documents your iPhone automatically saves those document scans as .pdf files to your desktop.

Boom. It’s that easy.

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