Brie Larson Blew ‘Captain Marvel’ Movie-Goers Minds, Selling Concessions At A New Jersey Theater

Brie Larson Captain Marvel Movie-Goers Selling Concessions New Jersey Theater

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I went and saw Captain Marvel starring Brie Larson this weekend. It was a fine movie. Very enjoyable.

However, my movie-going experience sucked in comparison to some people who went to see Captain Marvel at the AMC theater in Clifton, New Jersey on Saturday night.


Well… this happened at the AMC theater in Clifton, New Jersey.

Yes, that is the 29-year-old star, Carol Danvers herdamnself, Brie Larson bumping around the cineplex, and telling those in attendance, “I just heard that I was on the cups and popcorn and I wanted to see for myself, so thank you so much for coming. You guys are so awesome to come opening weekend.”

Larson did a lot more than just say a quick hello to fans sitting in their seats though. She also worked the concession stand and posed for a bunch of pictures with fans.

Damn. I didn’t get an Academy Award winner with my bucket of popcorn this weekend.

Needless to say, people were very surprised by Larson’s appearance.

Dope track suit, by the way.

Oh yeah, the movie? It raked in $455 million globally at the box office, the second-biggest opening ever for a superhero movie behind only Avengers: Infinity War.

Captain Marvel also had the sixth largest global opening overall of all-time, and at $153 million, it was the second-best debut ever for a new Marvel movie franchise in America behind Black Panther.

Not too shabby.