The Brilliantly Dumb Show Collaborated With Pit Master Jack Arnold For An Epic Cook Off

brilliantly dumb show jack arnold bbq pit master


There is a saying, I think, that goes something like “you are only as good as your last steak.” A good steak just hits you unlike anything else and has you cherishing the moment until you are on to your next steak. There is no better man to assist with that than Jack Arnold who is a bbq master and culinary partner with Snake River Farms. Since the quarantine began, Arnold has been putting on a show for his fans that consists of an interview on Instagram Live while both parties grill up some steaks.

Arnold approached me to about getting on the show for some grilling fun and to say it was a blast would be an understatement. Beyond being able to eat a great steak after the fact, the concept of being interviewed while grilling a steak is such a good one. Arnold, who is a guru around a grill, is also a huge Phish fan and people love the guy thanks to his high energy and knowledge of his craft.

I knew when we kicked off the show with a tequila shot that I was in for a good time. His fans were probably a little disappointed at my knowledge of how to cook the perfect steak so I really focused on just trying to keep the laughs coming

Laughs I can somewhat control, the perfect steak however, I can not. Nevertheless, it was an incredible time and moment for me to just completely get away from the madness going on in the world right now for a little bit. Arnold is now a call away for my next steak and someone I’ll be able to call a friend for a long time to come.