Brooklyn Nets Have Reportedly Engaged In Trade Talks With The Houston Rockets For James Harden And Have Offered Multiple Players In Exchange

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The Brooklyn Nets acquiring James Harden has been the hottest rumor this NBA trade season.

Just a few days ago, ESPN’s Kendrick Perkins revealed that Harden had been pushing the team to trade him to Brooklyn so that he can team up with Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving.

The sources have been telling me that James Harden could possibly be joining the Brooklyn Nets with KD and Kyrie Irving or the Philadelphia 76ers.

Russell Westbrook’s problem was like if you got plans on leaving you’re not going to leave me stuck here. So Rusell Westbrook got ahead of the curve because these rumors we’re hearing about James possibly teaming up with KD and Kyrie have some truth to it.

On Saturday afternoon, Sports Illustrated NBA writer Farbod Esnaashari says he’s hearing the Nets have a proposed trade package in place for Hatden and the the deal could be finalized in about a week’s time.

It is worth noting that Harden has publicly denied that he wants to be traded by the team.

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