Brooklyn Nine-Nine Actor Explains The Origin Of The Cast Members Always Shouting ‘NINE NINE’

If you watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on TV or follow any of the actors and actresses on Twitter you’ve undoubtedly noticed them chanting ‘NINE NINE’at some point by now. It’s their war cry to hype each other up during scenes that are improvised, and on Twitter, it’s their way to express #respect for something related to the show.

There were A LOT of ‘NINE NINE’ tweets after the show was canceled by FOX but NBC swooped in and saved the show within 24 hours (I’m STILL WAITING on someone to save The Last Man on Earth). It is pretty easy to see why ‘NINE NINE’ is the cast’s unofficial chant but it all had to start somewhere, right? Actress Melissa Fumero who plays Amy Santiago on Brooklyn Nine-Nine recently threw up a ’99’ tweet and when a fan commented on how they loved how the cast uses this chant in real life, Melissa Fumero then went on to explain the origins of this chant:

I’d like to work on becoming that guy who yells ‘NINE NINE’ at inappropriate times and yells it very threateningly or angrily. Like when you are going through airport security and get randomly selected for a pat down so you just look the TSA agent in the eyes and yell ‘NINE NINE’ menacingly. Or when you see a co-worker trip and fall on their way back from the kitchen and spill their birthday cake everywhere. You point, laugh, and yell ‘NINE NINE’. These seem like times that are being neglected in the world of ‘NINE NINE’.

(h/t Twitter Moments)