Bud Light Orange Is The New Summer Beer Brewed With Real Orange Peels

by 11 months ago

Big beer companies have seen profits sinking for a number of years now because millennials have been switching to craft brews, wine, and marijuana. Anheuser-Busch InBev will attempt to woo millennials with their brand new Bud Light Orange. A light lager that is brewed with real orange peels and boasts a “clean and crisp taste that highlights natural citrus flavors.”

Citrus-flavored brews account for 84% of the flavored beer market and orange-flavored beers have grown six-fold in the last five years. Bud Light has already had favorable results with Bud Light Lime and will attempt to replicate the success of the orange-flavored Blue Moon as well as other orange-flavored beers such as Shock Top Belgian Ale and Leinenkugel’s Orange Shandy. In February, MillerCoors launched their new citrus-flavored beer called Two Hats. Not to mention the explosion of orange-flavored craft beers. Bud Light recognizes that millennials are eager to taste new flavors.

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