Guy Uses Various High-Powered Weapons To Test His Grandfather’s Bulletproof Lamborghini

Lamborghini shooting Edwin Sarkissian

YouTube / Edwin Sarkissian

When we last checked in with our new pal, Edwin Sarkissian, he was testing a bomb suit against an M67 frag grenade.

Thankfully, the suit held up.

In his latest experiment, Sarkissian is testing his grandfather’s bulletproof Lamborghini and his family bonds if this whole test goes to shit.

Luckily, Sarkissian has a plan – a company offered to replace the glass when he’s done testing.

“My grandpa’s out of town, so he won’t know,” explains Sarkissian. Apparently, pop pop isn’t one of the 2.8M subscribers to his grandson’s channel and doesn’t check YouTube very often.

Sarkissian wisely covers the body of the Lamborghini so there won’t be any damage to the car in case a bullet ricochets, fragments don’t damage the paint, or he misses the windshield completely.

Sarkissian starts with a Glock 19 in a conversion kit then gradually moves up in firepower until finally ending with a Remington M-24 rifle.

Hopefully, grandpa doesn’t return home sooner like in an 80s teen movie and Sarkissian can replace the glass before he’s left out of the will.

[via Edwin Sarkissian]