Call Of Duty Squad Breaks Quads Record With 121 Kills During Warzone Session

Call of Duty

We have a new quads record in Call of Duty Warzone.

Just two days after a group of Call Of Duty players broke the quads record with 117 kills, a new squad has topped them.

Popular Twitter streamers TeePee, Symfuhny, HusKerrs and DougisRaw now hold the quads record after getting 121 kills in a game filled with 150 players.

Here’s the gameplay footage of the 121 kills.

Here’s a breakdown of kills by team members

Doug with 32 kills
Teepee with 31 kills
HusKerrs with 34 kills
Symfuhny with 24 kills.

Priestahh, who was part of the squad to hold the record just a few days ago, reacted with this tweet.

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