Cardi B, Notable Golf Fan, Explains Why She’s Naming Her New Album “Tiger Woods”

cardi b new album tiger woods

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Odds are that a good majority of golfers and golf fans don’t listen to too much Cardi B, but she may make a few new fans thanks to the expected title of her upcoming album.

During an Instagram Live video on Wednesday – the game’s baddest female rapper, yeah sorry Nicki Minaj – announced that she’s going to name the new album “Tiger Woods.”

“I think I’m going to name my album Tiger Woods…Because, remember when everybody was talking shit on Tiger Woods, and then he fucking came and won that green jacket? That’s what I’m going to name my album.”

I freaking love the “won that green jacket” phrasing she uses. *Heavy Bronx accent* yuh remembuh when Tiguh won dat green jacket? That’s just the best.

You could walk down any street in any city in the country and a lot of folks couldn’t tell you who won the Masters this year, but Cardi knows and she’s about to drop a highly anticipated album after that green jacket winner.

Tiger winning his fifth green jacket back in April capped off the greatest comeback in golf’s history, it only seems right he gets an album that will get about a billion downloads named after him and his crazy achievement.

And yes, when this album drops, you 100% have permission to blare it from your portable speaker on the golf cart. Just tell anyone that complains about the language to shut up, it’s named after the GOAT so it’s absolutely acceptable.

Here’s to hoping she has a track on the album named ‘Green Jacket,’ ‘Augusta’ or ‘Magnolia Lane’ sounds like a good song title; just something to keep with the Masters theme.

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