Iowa Governor Gifts Viral Beer Money Guy Carson King His Own Holiday, Gets Beer Named In His Honor


The Des Moines Register fought mightily to discredit the student who raised over $1 million for a children’s hospital, but in this case, good ruled over social media posturing.

Iowa State student Carson King became America’s darling when he was pictured on College Game Day holding a sign asking for strangers to send him money via Venmo to replenish his Busch Light supply. King decided that instead of using the proceeds to buy beer, he’d donate every penny to Iowa Children’s Hospital, with Busch and Venmo announcing they’d match the contributions.

It was a feel good story all around under some squid at the Des Moines Register dug up controversial tweets from 2012, when King was 16 years old, that were reportedly jokes made on Tosh.0. Busch immediately cut ties with King, and the 24-year-old was forced to make a public apology.

In a satisfying turn of cosmic justice, the internet found that the journalist who outed King’s tweets had several disgusting tweets of his own, so the dude put his little turtle head back into his shell and apologized before protecting his tweets.

Welp, Carson King is now getting the shine he deserves, as it’s been reported that he is getting his own official “Carson King Day” in his home state, and an “Iowa Legend” beer produced in his honor.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed an official proclamation on Wednesday naming this Saturday, September 28, “Carson King Day.”


“Individuals like Carson King demonstrate how ‘Iowa Nice’ isn’t just a slogan, but our way of life,” the proclamation says.

“Carson King continues to be a force for change, stating he’s working to raise $2 million for the hospital before September 30th.”

On top of that, Geneseo Brewing Company announced that they will be tapping a new pilsner named “Iowa Legend” to honor King’s selfless deed after head brewer Glenn Cole said his staff was “appalled at the actions taken by the Des Moines Register and the Anheuser-Busch” company.

“They were really quick to judge his character by a statement he made that mimicked a popular TV show when he was 16,” Cole said. “To judge somebody that way is just not right. “

The beer is $5 a pint and $1 of every pint sold will go to King’s cause.

All’s well that ends well I guess.

[h/t New York Post]

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