CBD Benefits For Pets: Everything You Need To Know About Giving Animals CBD In 2019

CBD benefits for pets

Image by Karen Warfel from Pixabay

It’s interesting when you learn that the endocannabinoid system is shared by both humans and dogs alike.

Because of this, dogs receive the benefits of CBD products the same as their human friends. We use CBD for tons of things including anxiety, pain, even as treatment for our skin, but it can also treat similar conditions in pets.

CBD (cannabidiol) has no THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) which means neither you nor your dog will experience any psychoactive effects when using CBD products.

First question:

Why would pets need CBD?

No matter if you’re roommates with cats or dogs, chances are they have their odd moments of high anxiety, or perhaps your pet has arthritis from their walks and playtimes. Pets suffer from many of the same ailments that we do, including anxiety, arthritis, cancer, and epilepsy, as well as sleep problems. If you’ve ever seen your dog suffering and felt helpless, you may want to consider looking into CBD oil to help your pet.You’re family may have a trembling fur ball during the fireworks show on the Fourth of July.

In fact, fireworks will often scare dogs into an adrenaline shock, releasing hormones that introduce stress. This happens so often that Fourth of July Weekend gets a disturbing bump in the statistics. More dogs go missing because they’re compelled to run from the loud noises. This may be the reason you’re now considering CBD to calm your dog during fireworks shows.

You’re stressed because you’re dogs missing, or hurting, or howling from some pain they often can’t effectively communicate to their human parents..

Or perhaps your cat seems to be in pain when they jump down from their favorite perching post. If CBD could give your pet relief, why not help them out?

Because you still have one big question:

Is it safe to give your pet CBD?

cbd for pets

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Science tells us that cannabinoids, like with humans, interact with the endocannabinoid receptors in pets.

These receptors are located in the central and peripheral nervous systems, and help maintain balance to keep your body, and your pet’s body, in a nominal and healthy state.

In a 2017 Cornell University study, scientists gave CBD twice daily to dogs with osteoarthritis. They found that CBD increased their comfort and activity levels.

Traditional medications are often associated with kidney and liver damage, but this has not been shown to be the case with CBD products.

Of course it is important to have your dog diagnosed by a veterinarian before you begin any treatment. And always be cautious with any treatment you use.

Our friends at CBDEE have teamed up with laboratories to make sure that every product on their platform has optimal medicinal quality and passes federal guidelines so that you can browse any type of CBD products for your pet with a stress-free experience.

CBDEE.COM helps you find products that target specific problems and pain in your pet, so if you have trouble sleeping, or muscle pain, or general anxiety CBDEE will help you find the best product that give you the specific benefits your pet needs.

CBD Benefits for Pets

What can CBD products treat in pets?

Epilepsy in pets

Epilepsy is defined as recurrent seizures that may include stiffening, jerking, foaming at the mouth, tongue chewing, collapsing, muscle twitching, or loss of consciousness.

CBD treatment for epilepsy

Seizures are often caused by erratic firing of nerve impulses. CBD products can reduce the frequency, severity and duration of seizures in pets due to anticonvulsant properties.

Cancerous causing agents in pets

Many cancers affect pets. Like with humans, symptoms may include a lump or bump, swelling in the bone, a wound that has trouble healing, or abnormal bleeding.

CBD Relief for Cancerous agents

CBD products have been associated with helping to prevent tumors by having shown to slow the growth of cancer cells, slow their spread, or to actually kill the cancer cells .

Anxiety in Pets

Anxiety has many symptoms including pacing, panting, whimpering, trembling, panting, aggression, hiding, loss of appetite, accidents after being house-trained, and restlessness.

CBD Treatment for Anxiety

Like with the Fourth of July example, CBD will help to moderate the hormones that introduce stress. This will mean you’ll have a more relaxed pet. CBD has also been shown to increase serotonin levels, which can lead to better sleep and better moods when your pet is awake.

Chronic Inflammation in Pets

Chronic inflammation can be stiffness, redness, pain, and swelling.

CBD Treatment for Chronic Inflammation

Inflammation can happen for many reasons including infection, but also due to disease. CBD reduces inflammation by interacting with immune cell receptors.

CBD Benefits for Pets

Image by Alain Audet from Pixabay

CBD Oil for Pets

There are many CBD product options which include:

CBD Tinctures for Pets

CBD tinctures is when you have CBD oil in a dropper bottle. This is often considered the purest form of CBD oil.

To treat your pet with tincture, simply use the dropper to place the CBD oil under your pet’s tongue. The benefit of using tinctures are that they help you measure the exact dosage, and they work faster than any other treatment.

CBD Pets Treats

Pets love treats, so often treats containing CBD oil will be the easiest way to have your pet take their CBD treatment. There are a variety of CBD treats which come in different sizes, flavors, and dosage. The packaging on these products is always clearly labeled along with the corresponding weight of your pet.

CBD Topicals for Pets

Dogs with skin conditions will often benefit from topical creams. These can include rashes, allergies, and arthritis. Very simply apply the topical cream directly to your pet’s skin, it can begin to relieve your pet’s pain almost instantly.

CBD Capsules for Pets

You can give your pets their treatment through CBD oil in capsule form. You can place it in the pet’s food, in a treat, or feed it to them directly.

What is the right CBD Dosage for your Pet?

Your pet’s dosage will depend on their weight and size. CBD products on CBDEE will provide dosage suggestions by weight chart. Generally, larger pets require a higher dosage of CBD, but always check for the product suggestion beforehand.

Products most often show CBD concentration in milligrams. They’ve found that the appropriate dosage can be found by multiplying a standard factor by your dog’s weight (e.g. 0.25 mg X 40 pounds = 10 mg dosage).

Most products will give you a weight range of your pet which makes it easy to find the right dosage for your pet. Simplify dosage instructions by listing appropriate dosage by weight or weight ranges so you don’t have to do any math. Some products may have different concentrations in similar sized products, so you will always want to double check the dosage recommendations.

What does Therapeutic vs. Medicinal mean with CBD products?

Medical ailments, like epilepsy and cancer may require a higher dosage of CBD for treatment. Always check with your certified medical council (MD / Vet) beforehand.

Therapeutic ailments like anxiety, pain, or inflammation have been known to require a lower dosage of CBD for treatment.

Important Treatment Considerations

Before giving CBD products to your pet, consider this:

Will you be mixing CBD with traditional medication?

Always speak with your veterinarian if you have a pet that has been prescribed any medications and are considering adding CBD treatment. Some traditional medications can negatively interact with CBD products.

If your pet is given too much CBD, it can slow their liver’s metabolism of certain drugs, which may make them less effective in a time when they’re needed. .

What are organic CBD products?

Anything you buy that is classified as organic refers to how the product was grown, which requires zero use of herbicides, pesticides, or chemicals.

Organic CBD oil gives you the most natural CBD product, and they will be labeled with a certification that the hemp used was grown organically. Harmful substances can also enter the oil through the extraction process.