Watch Charles Barkley Get Called Out By The Killers’ Brandon Flowers

charles barkley killers

When you’re a celebrity that’s as famous as Sir Charles, you need to treat and tip everyone as if they’re the next lead singer of a world-famous rock band. Because sometimes, Bandon Flowers – lead singer of The Killers – is the kid cleaning your golf clubs in Las Vegas.

That’s what happened to Charles Barkley in LA this weekend at the NBA All-Star Game. During The Killers’ Saturday night performance at the NBA All-Star Fan Fest, lead singer Brandon Flowers saw Chuck in the crowd and called him out for a $5 tip and compliment in Vegas 16 years ago.

Check it out:

The best part of this is before the camera even cuts back to live studio coverage, Shaq is already giving Chuck shit for being cheap. And I wouldn’t doubt the fact Charles gave Flowers a $20 bill instead of a $5 tip 16 years ago but if I’m the lead singers of The Killers and I see him at the show, I’m telling that exact same story.