Charlie Day Performed ‘Day Man’ At The Hollywood Bowl With Portugal The Man

Charlie Day singing 'Day Man' in 'The Night Man Cometh' musical

FXX / Always Sunny

Portugal the Man swung through Los Angeles over the weekend for the 10th stop of their tour and they brought out Charlie Day from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia for a special moment.

The Hollywood Bowl was surely packed with fans there to see Portugal the Man, but for those of us at home who are bigger fans of Always Sunny than we are of the band, the highlight was Charlie Day singing ‘Day Man’ from ‘The Nightman Cometh.’

Making the performance even more special, Charlie Day brought out the Dennis Reynolds doll from the show to stand alongside him as he performed the titular track from the Always Sunny musical. There appeared to be no less than 15 people on stage while Charlie Day belted out the song:

Another angle of the song has started going viral on Twitter:

To the uninitiated, this seems like an odd ensemble on stage but Uproxx claims it’s not at all. Lexi Lane at Uproxx points out that ‘Dayman / The Nightman Cometh’ has been performed 123 times by the band since they first covered the song on June 7, 2013.

The band even has a music video for ‘Day Man’ on their channel:

Admittedly, I’m not he biggest Portugal the Man fan in the world. But I just read the single from their new album, ‘Dummy’ from Chris Black Changed My Life, was featured in a Taco Bell commercial prior to making its way to fans of the band. Totally normal stuff…

It’s hard to rank the best Charlie Day moments from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. There have been countless priceless moments over the years. But ‘Day Man’ is certainly a top 3 moment.