Eye-Opening Chart Shows How Dramatically ‘Westworld’ Viewership Has Fallen

Eye-Opening Chart Shows How Dramatically ‘Westworld’ Viewership Has Fallen

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Did you watch Westworld seasons 1 and 2 and then stop watching when they moved from ‘robots in the Wild West’ to ‘what is going on with the robots?’ If you stopped watching, you’re not alone.

I gave up watching Westworld pretty early in Season 3. Most of the people I know did the same. My friends and colleagues who persevered are quick to tell me that Season 4 has been great and better than Season 3 but it feels overwhelming to try and catch up at this point. And if all of that sounds familiar to your experience, you’re not alone.

The viewership of Westworld has plummeted. It’s fallen off a cliff. The Season 1 finale peaked at over 2.2 million viewers on HBO and those numbers have sunk to barely over .2 million in Season 4, according to this eye-opening chart that’s making the rounds on Twitter.

Eye-Opening Chart Shows How Dramatically ‘Westworld’ Viewership Has Fallen

Something to consider here, and a detail that people were quick to bring up in the comments, is these numbers are supposedly only for HBO. And Westworld fans point out that HBO Max has siphoned off a massive percentage of the overall viewership from the time the show launched until now.

Here’s what fans are saying about the dramatic decline in viewership…

I enjoyed Season 2. The start of Season 3 lost me immediately. Hearing the hype about season 4 has piqued my interest but not enough to get me watching again.

The season 2 finale was pretty good if I’m remembering it correctly.

This tweet about Westworld really sums it all up.

At this point, it is hard to imagine there will be a season 5 of Westworld. HBO has canceled shows for a lot less but 0.2M viewership is as bad as it gets.

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