Alleged DMs Of Tom Hanks’ Son Chet Harassing Man He Thinks Slept With His Ex-GF Leak On The Internet Amid Domestic Violence Allegations

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Tom Hanks’ son Chet, who recently went viral with his “White Boy Summer” proclamation, is facing some serious allegations from his ex-girlfriend Kiana Parker.

In court documentss obtained by the Houston Chronicle, the woman alleges that Hanks broke her phone, threatened to jump off a balcony if she left, and called her a “ghetto Black b—”.

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A Fort Bend County judge in January granted a temporary protective order against Chester Hanks at the request of his girlfriend, who said the actor was physically and verbally abusive, court records show.

Hanks, the son of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, was ordered on Jan. 14 to cease communication with and stay away from his girlfriend, according to court records. The actor, who goes by Chet, was also prohibited from possessing a firearm. The couple was living together in Sugar Land, among other places, and had been dating since last year, court documents show.

In the woman’s application for the protective order, she described instances of family violence starting last October. The couple was staying in New Orleans while Hanks was filming for the show “Your Honor” when Hanks became hostile, according to an affadavit filed in court. Hanks allegedly grabbed the woman’s arm, threw a bottle at her and dragged her away from the door of their hotel room when she tried to leave, the affadavit said.

Court documents allege that Hanks broke the woman’s phone, threatened to jump off a balcony if she left and called her a “ghetto Black b—.” When hotel security arrived to speak with the woman, she told them everything was fine because she was afraid of future issues and did not want to get in trouble or tarnish the actor’s name, the affadavit says.

At the couple’s Sugar Land home in December, Hanks said he would “blow (his girlfriend’s) brains out” and “blow his brains out as well,” according to the affadavit. The woman took her children to a different residence and hid the man’s gun from him.

The woman was granted a restraining order against Chet after she accused him of grabbing a knife while she tried to retrieve her belongings from his house back in January.

In January, the woman told Hanks she was leaving him. He became irate and verbally abusive, driving erratically on the way home from dinner, court documents said. When the woman went to the Sugar Land home to retrieve her belongings days later, Hanks put his hand on a knife in the kitchen and the woman swung a pot in front of her before running out of the house, the affadavit says.

Hanks chased her, growling, and pushed her around while trying to grab her phone and kick at her legs, the court documents allege. She screamed and neighbors called police. Hanks ran inside and came out screaming that his gun was missing, the affadavit says.

In the protective order, the court said it found that Hanks committed family violence and “there is a clear and present danger” that it would happen again unless restrained under court order.

After the domestic violence allegations were reported, gossip website “Gossip Of The City” released alleged harassing DMs Chet sent a man he believed had slept with his girlfriend while they were together.

Chet denies the allegations made against him and is accusing Parker of being the one who was violent in their relationship.

In a video obtained by TMZ, a bloody Chet said his ex charged at him with a knife after he claims he confronted her about stealing money from him during the incident in question back in January.


Chet Hanks and an ex-girlfriend are at war over a volatile relationship that recently ended — with both of them slinging allegations of violence, and there’s video of a bloodied Hanks.

TMZ has obtained video of what Chet says is the end of an altercation between him and his ex, Kiana Parker, that turned violent back on January 8 at Chet’s place in Sugarland, TX. Chet turns the camera on Kiana when she appears to swipe at him as she holds a pot, with a bloodied Chet reappearing in the next frame, saying she charged at him with the knife … something Kiana denies.

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