The Girl Who Dipped Her Chicken Fingers In Soda At The US Open Is Taking Over The BroBible Instagram Today!

Two months ago we told you about the tennis fan that got caught on camera at the US Open dipping her chicken fingers in soda like a complete psychopath (… or, stoner with the munchies). And with that unorthodox choice in dipping sauces, a viral star was born.

That girl’s name is Alexa Greenfield. Today, Friday, November 9th, she’s taking over the BroBible Instagram story. She’s doing a photoshoot for NYC chicken finger chain Sticky’s Fingers, so it couldn’t possibly be more on brand. I’m excited to hear about what sodas pair best with chicken fingers, then look like a complete weirdo at the airport later this afternoon as I try to dip Chic-Fil-A in Dr. Pepper.

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