A Tennis Fan Got Caught Dunking A Chicken Finger In Her Soda And Managed To Disgust The Entire World

chicken fingers soda us open


I’m not sure what the people who invented the internet thought the world would use it for but I’m assuming they never intended for it to be a platform for people around the world to get absolutely heated over arguments about how certain foods are “supposed” to be eaten.

One of the most divisive issues I’ve come across is the debate over whether or not a hot dog is a sandwich, a question that overshadows another heated issue: whether or not you’re “allowed” to put ketchup on your tube of processed meat.

It turns out condiments are a far more divisive issue than anyone would have ever imagined, but in my opinion, there are certain takes that are not open for debate— like putting ketchup on a steak, which somehow wasn’t the real reason Justin Long confronted the redneck dude in Waiting.

However, there was an incident at the U.S. Open over the long weekend that might have just set the standard for the most absurd “dip” that I’ve ever come across in my time on this planet: soda.

Yesterday, a clip surfaced of a woman enjoying the tennis tournament with her son and some overpriced concessions, a short clip that would have been forgotten to history if it hadn’t featured her dipping a chicken finger into a cup of an unidentified soda (although I highly doubt the specific type would make much of a difference).

If you’ll just excuse me for one moment…

chicken fingers soda us open


Look, I’ve been in some dark places at 2 AM on a Saturday where I’ve combined a couple foods that have no place being on the same plate.

I’ve even dunked french fries in a Frosty at Wendy’s on more than a few occasions so I can understand how this could work— at least in theory.

However, no one should do something this disgusting in a public setting. The rest of the world doesn’t deserve to be subjected to something so obscene.

You do you but at least try to have come common decency.

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