Chili’s Is Testing A Massive 5-Meat Monster Burger Called ‘The Boss’ That Has 1,650 Calories

Chili's The Boss Burger

Chili’s is testing a new burger of epic proportions that is not for the faint of heart. I mean this beefy monstrosity is so packed with delectable meats that you may dislocate your jaw trying to gorge on this ginormous burger. The Boss Burger comes with FIVE meats. And not just any five meats. Five of the most savory, mouth-watering meats that any self-respecting carnivore worth their weight in salt treasures.

This big boy burger comes with a half-pound beef patty, pulled rib meat, smoked brisket, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce, house-made ranch dressing, house-made BBQ sauce. We’re gonna need more napkins. A lot more.

A burger loaded with all that goodness is a real burger with real calories. The Boss Burger has a whopping 1,650 calories. If you’re going to enjoy your cheat day you might as well really, really enjoy your cheat day. Put the kids to bed because things are about to get very luscious.

This isn’t a burger, this is a feast between two buns. This ultra-loaded burger is so over-the-top you just gained five pounds just looking at it. Chili’s is currently testing this behemoth burger at a handful of restaurants around the country. But Chili’s isn’t revealing which locations are serving this humongous hamburger and challenging you to find it, if you dare.

For those with the stomach to handle the Boss Burger you can look for clues using the hashtag #ChilisUnderground on Instagram to find which Chili’s spots are serving it. That’s much easier than going to every local Chili’s and looking for smiling people rubbing their bellies as they leave the restaurant.