Christian Bale Confirmed To Play The Villain In ‘Thor 4’, But Who Is It?

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So, I finally checked out Ford v. Ferrari this week. It was… good! I know that’s not really highly intelligent analysis but it’s not really a movie that requires such levels of dissection. It’s destined to play on TNT on Saturday afternoons for decades to come. If you were to take a 42-year-old man napping on his couch with a half-eaten turkey sandwich, some potato chips, and a Bud Light next to him on the coffee table with The Masters playing at in the background and distill that into a drug and then use that drug to make a movie, that movie would be Ford v. Ferrari. 

But outside of it being good — not great, certainly never had a chance at winning Best Picture, just good — my biggest takeaway of Ford v. Ferrari was, as it is with essentially every movie he stars in, that Christian Bale is just on another level.

Nothing new here, but the man is a god damn chameleon — I’m not sure there’s any A-Lister with his sort of shape-shifting ability. You know what he starred in prior to Ford v. FerrariVice! As the fat fucking pig that is Dick Cheney. Dude packed on 40 pounds for the role then casually turned around, cut that weight, and began filming Ford v. Ferrari. Savage.

So, it goes without saying that Marvel Studios convincing the Academy Award winner to return to the superhero game to play the villain in 2021’s Thor: Love and Thunder is an absolute coup. However, while Tessa Thompson — who plays Valkyrie — revealed that Bale is playing the villain, she didn’t say who.

According to MCU Cosmic, “while there has been speculation that Bale could be playing Dario Agger, the casting information circling describes his villain as ‘alien and otherworldly’, which seems to describe characters such as Gorr, Gladiator, or even Michael Korvac more than Dario.”

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Thor: Love and Thunder is set to hit theaters in the United States on November 5, 2021.


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