‘Cocaine Shark’ Trends After Italian Police Find 2 Tons Of Cocaine Floating Off Sicily

blue shark close up

iStockphoto / Velvetfish

It is hard to believe that less than two months have passed since Cocaine Bear hit theaters. The Internet had a field day with Cocaine Bear memes before, during, and after that film’s release.

Now, ‘Cocaine Shark’ is trending on Twitter and ushering in a new era of memes after Italian police found two tons of cocaine floating in the waters off Sicily.

According to a report from the Associated Press, the floating raft of cocaine has a street value of approximately $450 million (400 million euros).

The large masse of cocaine was discovered floating in individual packages wrapped in plastic and all bound together. The AP report hinted at it being a miracle the cocaine survived, writing there was “just enough plastic wrapping to keep the cocaine from getting wet without weighing it down and possibly sinking it.”

According to the report, the working theory is a ship dropped the cocaine in the water and another ship was going to come along and pick it up but something went wrong along the way.

In total, there were 70 bundles containing 1,600 individual packets of cocaine. And this revelation caused ‘Cocaine Bear’ to start trending on Twitter:

Cocaine Shark trending

The Cocaine Shark memes came fast.

100% a film I would watch:

Cocaine Giant Squid > Cocaine Whale > Cocaine Dolphin > Cocaine Shark > Cocaine Barracuda. That’s the order.

Hollywood needs to make it happen:

A good use of AI:

Cocaine Jellyfish would be a massive waste of time. Give me Cocaine Giant Squid first:


This really is the good part of Cocaine Shark trending on Twitter:

In the good ol’ days of Twitter, aka, last year and every year prior to that, we’d see stuff like ‘Cocaine Shark’ trending and everyone would get their jokes off.

There hasn’t been much of that fun lately on Twitter so it’s nice to see that nature is healing.

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