Comedian Participates In The ‘I’m Busy Challenge’ To Help Friends Get The Biggest Refund Possible Through TurboTax Self-Employed


For all the grief Boomers get for their technological illiteracy and gas station sunglasses, we do not give this generation enough credit for clenching their teeth and staying the course of their careers over decades.

Phrases like “career fulfillment” have no place in the Boomer career lexicon; maybe its a misguided sense of loyalty to one company, or maybe a window view, a 401k match, and an annual Elks club fishing trip is all Rick needs to live a full life.

Things are different for the generation born after the invention of the CD player. This is evident in pro athletes demanding trades after four-game losing streaks and the explosion of the gig economy, which by 2023 is projected to reach $455.2 billion in gross volume in the United States.

Giulio Gallarotti embodies this new wave. You cannot even spell his name without g-i-g.

The comedian & podcaster doesn’t have the luxury of uploading one W-2 and calling it a day, his tax forms from various gigs are stacked thicker than a Farmer’s Almanac.

Luckily for him and thousands of others, TurboTax Self-Employed will do the heavy lifting.

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Allow Giulio to demonstrate the power of Self-Employed, while also engaging in the I’m Busy social media trend, because clout is the only form of currency that does not require a 1099.

Self-Employed is specifically designed for independent contractors, freelancers, and business owners and searches more than 450 tax deductions to help maximize unique deductions across diverse industries.

Literally all you have to do is snap a photo of your 1099s and securely upload them to TurboTax Self-Employed. On the off chance that you get tripped up or simply don’t want anything to do with taxes, you have one-click access to dedicated experts who can prepare, sign, and file your taxes from start to finish.

If taking all the hassle out of taxes while ensuring you receive every last dollar you deserve isn’t enough, Self-Employed can give you an accurate estimate on what to expect for next year’s return so there are no surprises.

Being self-employed takes courage. Filing your taxes shouldn’t.

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And hey, don’t forget to follow Giulio on social media. It would mean a lot to him.

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