These Are The Top 60 Companies Where Workers Are Most Afraid Of Being Drug Tested

The Top 60 Companies Workers Are Most Afraid Of Being Drug Tested


You don’t have to be a pilot or a pro athlete to fear drug testing from your employer. Tens of millions of Americans are potentially subject to workplace drug testing each year and naturally that has some workers more worried than others.

Employee screening firm JDP recently analyzed 12 months of Google search trends data related to 150 of America’s biggest employers and best-known brands to find out which companies’ employees are most concerned about workplace drug tests. After all, if you’re searching “does [my company] drug test,” it’s not by accident.

The exact search term used in the study was: “does [company] drug test,” with specific examples including, “does Walmart drug test” and “does Whole Foods drug test.” The search volume captured represents a rolling 12-month average for each specific term.

The list below represents the companies where current and prospective employees are most concerned about workplace drug tests. The metric “employees per search” means there is at least one Google search per month happening per listed number of employees. The lower the number, the more searches per employee.

What they discovered was workers in specialty retail are very concerned about getting drug tested with PetSmart, GameStop, Ulta Beauty, and Hobby Lobby making up 40% of the top 10.

Fast food restaurants Sonic and McDonald’s, along with grocery stores Aldi and Trader Joe’s, each took two of the top 10 spots, while Foot Locker and Target took the other two spots.

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For comparison, here’s a look at the companies with the most drug test searches in each of eight categories.

Amazon was the tech company with the most employees concerned about drug testing. Dollar General and Family Dollar employees are pretty equally worried about being tested in the Discount category of businesses. And UPS and Menards employees are far more afraid of being popped than FedEx and Home Depot workers in the Shipping and Hardware segment.

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