Corey Feldman has a new music video and your life is not complete unless you watch it

Corey Feldman, 42, still thinks he’s a teen idol, so naturally he’s come out with not only a new EP, he’s also just dropped this new music video for his single “DUH.” It’s quite epic. DUH, by the way, stands for “Done Under Halo” referring to his Angels including former Pussycat Doll Kaya Jones and Daisy de la Hoya of Rock of Love fame who appear in the video.

The video’s description says that “‘DUH!’ is a funny and sexy spoof on TV through the years. Cleverly lampooning everything from Corey himself, to 50’s style sitcoms.” Nice try. Watch Corey bust out his Michael Jackson moves from 25 years ago and you know there’s nothing spoofy going on here.

Coreys also has another album, “Angelic 2 the Core,” coming out this summer. Hopefully there will be more videos to accompany it as well.

One question: Are we sure that Corey Feldman isn’t really WWE Superstar Dean Ambrose? Just sayin’…