Costco Fans Are Rejoicing Over A Major Food Court Development

Costco food court

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It’s been 30 years since the first Costco opened for business in Seattle, and the brand has managed to attract a massive legion of loyal followers who’ve spent decades flocking to its warehouses in search of some bulk-based deals.

There are plenty of reasons to love Costco, including its hallowed rotisserie chickens, the free samples you can use for fuel while roaming the aisles, and bargains on items you never knew you needed until you stumble across them en route to spending $100 more than you anticipated during every single trip.

Of course, you can’t talk about Costco without acknowledging what is arguably its crown jewel: the hot dog and a soda combination that will still only set you back $1.50 thanks in no small part to the former CEO who once threatened to murder someone who floated the idea of hiking the price.

I’d argue no Costco outing is truly complete until you make the pilgrimage to the food court after hitting the register and take a few minutes to decompress with the help of a foot-long frankfurter.

Costco has traditionally offered customers a chance to take their hot dogs to the next level by hitting the condiment station that used to feature a magical machine capable of dispensing freshly diced onion with a few turns of a crank.

However, that wonderous piece of technology disappeared from the food court at the start of the pandemic, which means Kirkland Brand devotees have been deprived of the chance to get their onion on for three years.

Thankfully, The Takeout reports that national nightmare is on the verge of coming to an end, as a Reddit user recently shared a picture snapped inside a Costco location somewhere in the Pacific Northwest teasing the imminent return of the diced onions. 

There is a slight catch, as the machine that formerly dispensed them may have become a COVID casualty when you consider it appears the onions will only be served up in plastic cups handed out upon request.

With that said, I’ll take that over the onionless alternative.

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