The Internet Is Losing It Over This Deranged Couple Who Don’t Sleep On The Same Side Of The Bed Every Night

Couple Dont Sleep On The Same Side Of The Bed Every Night Reactions


At various points in pretty much all of our lives we have run into that couple who do things just a little differently.

Maybe they wear matching outfits or sit on the same side of the table when they eat in a booth. Perhaps they do other weird things like share gum (after its been chewed) or use pet nicknames for one another (in public). The point is, some people just want to watch the world burn.

Jeff Stein, a reporter at the Washington Post, knows one of these couples and recently revealed that they do something that can only be described as straight-up psychopathic behavior.

“Several months ago, a couple we are friends with said they don’t sleep on the same side of the bed every night. As in, every night when they get into bed, they don’t know who will sleep on which side. Still blows my mind,” he wrote on Twitter.

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Stein continued this thread with a few thoughts and observations.

I’m sorry. I don’t care how many nightstands they have, this sleeping arrangement is the type of thing a serial killer couple would do. I’m not alone in this opinion either.


Told you.

No doubt about it.


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