I Wish Nothing But Everlasting Love To This Couple Who Held Their Wedding At Kentucky Fried Chicken


The average wedding in the United States has reached an all-time high, eclipsing $31,000. Nearly half of weddings exceed a couple’s budget and most brides spent an average of $1,357 alone on their wedding dress, TIME reports.

Couples spend countless hours and astronomical monies on shit no one notices, never mind cares about. The average price of a wedding cake is a hair under $500, and if guests are doing it right, they’ll already be too drunk to taste it anyway.

This English couple named Cherish and Edward Simms has forgone all the pageantry and bullshit and simply given their 40 guests what they wants–endless buckets of Kentucky Friend Chicken.

Cherish told LADbible that their mutual love for the famous fried chicken joint.

“It was a joint decision and we thought it would be a bit of fun. We love eating chicken and chips [English speak for French fries] and we probably order food from there around once a week.”

The couple phoned KFC months before the reception to rent out the entire restaurant and continued to call periodically to make sure they locked it down.

“We got in touch with the manager, who thought it was a bit strange, but was willing to give it a go for us.”

“We didn’t want a boring reception where we would have to organize everything ourselves so we thought why not see if it was possible.

“When the guests saw on the invite that the reception would be there, they weren’t surprised at all, they know what we are like.”

The couple polished off a family-sized bucket and the guests were given buckets of their own with sides and desserts. The total price of everything worked out to be around $140.

“We had more than enough to eat and they had really gone to town with the decoration,” she said. “We didn’t even plan anything with them, but they really managed to make our day special.”

Literally the only downside I can see for to the plan is the music/dancing portion. A wedding without dancing is like a fruit salad without strawberries. I choose to believe Cherish and Edward rented out an Applebees, through on party jams on Spotify, and twerked until they dropped.

[h/t LADbible]

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