Heroic Couple Orders 300 McDonald’s Cheeseburgers For Wedding Guests As Drunk Post-Meal Snack



Couples spend exorbitant amounts of money for their big day on things most guests don’t even notice nor care about–fancy silverware, table centerpieces, a violinist to play during the ceremony, yadda yadda. If couples allotted a fraction of that money on the post-meal meal, it would take a good wedding to a great wedding. Because after non-stop dancing and a trip outside to smoke the bride’s uncle’s whacky tobaccy, hunger is going to strike again.

An Australian couple had the foresight to cover their guests’ second wave of hunger, even after providing a six-course meal.

Nancy Mowad and her husband Andrew arranged for 300 McDonald’s cheeseburgers and 10 hamburgers for their 450 guests as fuel to keep the party going late into the night.

“Every time we leave a wedding we go for a maccas run so we thought let’s bring the maccas run to us and our guests,” Nancy said. “Everyone absolutely loved it.”

“The crowed erupted when the McDonald’s came out. It was just under $1000.”

(Maccas is Aussie for McDonald’s I’m guessing.)

Nancy and Andrew dropped $770 and sent the venue’s company van to pick up the order.


“We got 300 cheeseburgers and 10 hamburgers because Andrews best friend can’t eat cheese so we had to cater for him too,” Nancy said.

“Our wedding venue organized the whole thing but I think McDonald’s thought we were joking. We are told one of the staff said ‘do we really have to make 300?’

Presumably the McDonald’s employees were livid when they had to grind out 300 burgers, but they did it, and they did it when.

“The McDonald’s was so fresh when I took my first bite I couldn’t believe it I was not expecting that after making 300 cheeseburgers they would be that fresh and yummy.”

I hope I remember this move when I get married in 30 years.

[h/t LADbible]