World’s Most Selfless Couple Skypes In To Their Own Wedding To Placate Guests Fearful Of Coronavirus


You know who never gets enough credit? People who don’t shake your hand or hug you when they have a cold. Some people give you a fist bump but that’s a half-measure because those cold germs can jump from their knuckles to your knuckles and then crawl up your arm and slide down your throat. That was Venom’s origin story, I think. No—the real heroes are the people who tell you they have a cold, and then refuse to come within five feet of you. That’s class.

This couple in Singapore? They deserve the Nobel Peace Prize. They see your five-foot cold radius and raise you a completely sterile, tech-quarantined wedding. What a fabulous display of selflessness. Christ, can we go one step further and implement this model for all destination weddings? I’m a categorical no for any weddings that require a passport, unless I’m IN the wedding. But I will happily throw on a blazer and watch your glowing nuptials from my couch. I’ll clap, cry, and drink some champagne to honor the lovely couple. But no, I’m not wearing any pants.

Am I wrong in thinking these wedding guests are a little… dickish? Refusing to attend because the couple just got back from China? I understand the fear and I can’t say I would go either, but at least I’d have the decency to lie: “Sorry guys, couldn’t find a babysitter. What’s that? I don’t have a kid? No I know. I was trying to bring a babysitter as my date. Big fetish of mine.” Off the hook, easy-peezy.

Get this though—they still had the wedding and paid for 110 people to eat and drink, but they stayed away.

BBC– Singapore couple Joseph Yew and his wife Kang Ting returned from a trip to China just days before their wedding.

When guests expressed concerns about attending, the couple found a way to allay their fears.

The bride and groom stayed away, instead live streaming themselves into a venue full of friends and family.

I mean, holy cow. The selflessness takes your breath away. If you ever cross paths with the Yews, be sure to shake their hands.

Or maybe just throw them a fist bump. Can’t be too careful these days.