This Couple Had A Rough Start To Their Vacation When They Found Their Entire Cabin Had Been Stolen

stolen cabin houston

Every vacation has its setbacks and unplanned speedbumps but I don’t think anyone can top this Houston couple’s vacation surprise.

Jo and Lonnie Harrison of Houston, Texas bought a vacation home last year, a 10-acre lot with a prefab wooden cabin in¬†Madisonville, Texas. Last week they took a trip to their vacation home only to find cinder blocks and pipes sticking out of the ground. That’s right… THE ENTIRE HOUSE WAS STOLEN.

It’s one thing to find out you’ve been broken into, vandalized, or damages but to have your entire vacation home stolen is not something you could ever expect. Shit, it’s honestly just an impressive feat by the criminal – you have to respect this hijacking.

Mrs. Harrison had to talk about how awkward the police call was and you can’t blame her. Like, how crazy do you think the dispatcher thought she was when they got that call? “Hi, my house was stolen…” is a wild start to a conversation.

Check out their story here:

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You definitely have to have, like, a crane and/or semi-truck to move this house. So, how did no one notice a house being stolen? The Harrisons need to get some better neighbors and a new house, maybe one that better secures the ground. But don’t worry Harrisons, I made you something to help you get your home back:

missing house poster