This Incredible Craigslist Ad For A Couch Perfectly Encapsulates The Murray Hill Bro

by 10 months ago


When I first moved to New York, I lived in an area called Murray Hill. For those unfamiliar with this niche in midtown Manhattan, it has a reputation of being Bro. Now I can appreciate any and all Bros, but if you were to describe the Murray Hill population using an evolutionary chart, it would be the monkey on all fours, rocking a luscious lettuce flow with a Juul in its mouth. Bars like Brother Jimmy’s and Tonic are overflowing with lovable buffoons who collectively have permanent concussions from smashing open beers on their heads and constantly have you questioning how they got into Middlebury. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

An accurate representation of the residents of Murray Hill can be summed up in this Craigslist post for a large, 3-piece sectional couch. Check it out in all its glory below.


Ok, I’m listening.


-‘Whatever’ condition spoke to me. I know exactly what condition that couch is without even looking at it. Definitely not good, but doesn’t look like a casting couch.

-Sittin, loungin, nappin, vapin, chillin, and full on fuckin sleepin is exactly the last five years of my life and why my dad isn’t proud of me.

-If you are surprising your roommates with surprise beatdowns, you don’t need a couch, you need a psychiatrist.


-I can’t tell you how many “Ew, Murray Hill” comments I’ve gotten from girls on Tinder who have a loft in Tribeca by working as a marketing intern for gluten-free granola bars.

In all honesty, $100 is a steal for this couch. Looks comfy AF.


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