CT From MTV’s ‘The Challenge’ Calls Terrell Owens Out For Burning $70 Million To His Face

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It’s been nearly 15 year since Bostonian tough guy Chris “C.T.” Tamburello was casted in the Real World: Paris. Since then, the opinionated and confrontational 37-year-old has become a mainstay on the MTV Challenge shows, posting an 8-3 record and raking in $265,000. His scorch the earth mentality has made him the most popular cast member in the show’s history that isn’t named The Miz.

MTV has spiced up this season’s challenge by bringing in celebrities of the yesteryear to participate and draw eyeballs. Among them, is former NFL bad boy Terrell Owens.

After playing 15 years and making $80 million, Terrell Owens blew almost all of it. News broke back in 2012 that due to a bad investments, $44,600-a-month child support payments for his four children with four different women, and trusting the wrong people led one of the greatest receivers of all-time to go broke. Add that to losing millions in the real estate crash and his friend embezzling money from him, the dude was destined for financial failure.

Fast forward to today, Owens is digging himself out of the financial hole he’s dug himself by launching the clothing line Prototype 81 last year and is working on a partnership with wearable tech company Celf. But, he isn’t totally out of the woods, which is precisely why he chose to be on the MTV Challenge show.

Tensions flared between the former NFL star and the current Challenge alpha, CT, and things got personal. Prepare for awkwardness.

My face exactly:


Sounds like I need to start watching this show.

Or maybe just wait till the next day when the clips come out.

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