Cube-Shaped UFO Filmed By Hunters In Oregon Sparks Interesting Theory

UFO night sky cube shaped Coos Bay Oregon


Many people often wonder why witnesses who are filming UFOs don’t move in for a closer look or why they stop filming when the UFO is still there in the sky.

Both are valid questions.

Several explanations have been put forth over the years, but one of the most interesting examples of this happening may have occurred on April 5th in Coos Bay, Oregon.

“IT WAS A STRANGE CUBE FLOATING IN THE AIR,” the witness told prolific UFO researcher Scott Waring. “I was with 3 friends. We were out hunting. We walked up into a clear cut and there it was. Maybe 300 feet away and about 50 feet off the ground.

“Strangely none of us remembered this. It wasn’t until I was moving some random video clips did I discover it. I have the video. Again, very oddly, once we observed this cube for awhile the 3 of us just turned and left. As it was simply of no more interest to us. [Who] would do that? Just turn and walk away from a UFO.”

Waring went on to explain, “The cube is clearly lower in the beginning of the video and then much higher in at the end of the video. I use two specific bushes on the ground to get the right perspective and distance. Compounded with the fact they all forgot about the UFO, as if the UFO itself erased the person short term memory. But they found the video and remembered it.

“When I had a UFO of dozens of 747 size UFOs (many soldiers in the parking lot stared upward in silence at them for 15 minutes) sighting in Rapid City, South Dakota in the USAF back in 1990, I too forgot for a few days… oddly, not thinking about it at all, later realizing the memory was hidden from me by the UFOs themselves.

“Short term memory can be altered using alien technology. Clearly aliens use it when UFOs are seen but not wanting to be seen.”

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While it may be alien technology that causes people to inexplicably lose interest, there is another theory.

That theory posits that UFOs may actually be crafts piloted by time-traveling humans.

This theory would also explain how “aliens” have been able to live amongst us completely unnoticed for decades. They’re not actually aliens at all, but just other humans.

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