UFO Spotted Near Russian Power Plant Being ‘Monitored’ By Military Officials

UFO Russia Power Plant


According to Russian military officials, a UFO was spotted in the sky on Wednesday near the Leningrad Nuclear Power Planet in the city of Sosnovy.

Also according to Russian government officials, it didn’t happen.

Speaking to Russian state news agency TASS, a military official said, “The unknown object moved at the speed of the wind. This means it doesn’t have engines, which means it isn’t a drone or an airplane.”

Russian military officials reportedly said they are monitoring and investigating the UFO sighting in the Leningrad Oblast, but are not concerned.

The Jerusalem Post observed that local Telegram reports claimed the UFO was spotted 10,000 meters (32,808 feet) in the sky and moving at 200 kilometers an hour (124 miles per hour).

RIA later reported that Leningrad Oblast Deputy Governor Mikhail Ilyin claimed that information is incorrect.

Back in January, Vasily Golubev, the governor of Rostov oblast in the southern region of Russia, claimed local military forces shot down a UFO over the village of Sultan Sala in the Myasnikovsky district.

Earlier, in September, astronomers in Ukraine reported seeing dozens of “phantom” UFOs that “cannot be scientifically identified.”

For decades, Russia has been known as one of the biggest hot spots for UFO sightings and alien activity. It’s large land mass and vast amounts of open space allegedly make it one of the best locations for aliens to conduct their research without being disturbed or discovered.

They have allegedly been discovered, numerous times, over the years as a recently declassified CIA Intelligence report revealed new information about a 1973 UFO sighting at “Site 7” in Russia, as well as a UFO sighting that took place over Tomsk which featured not just one mysterious UFO, but three of them in April of 2020, baffling scientists.

In 2019, video captured from the International Space Station live cam was labeled “100% proof that NASA and Russia know that aliens frequently visit the space station” by prolific UFO expert Scott C. Waring.

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