Customer Leaves Server $16,000 Tip On $37 Bill, Bar Splits It Among Employees, People Are Mad

It is always fantastic when someone anonymously leaves a giant tip at a bar or a restaurant. It renews our faith in humanity.

Michelle McCudden, a bartender at Stumble Inn Bar & Grill in Londonderry, New Hampshire knows how that feels.

She was the recipient of a whopping $16,000 tip on a $37 bill this month.

The man, who McCudden says was not a regular, ordered a couple of hot dogs, some cocktails and fried pickles, then when he left he told her, “Don’t spend it all in one place.”

Actually he said it three times, because no one had even noticed he’d left a $16,000 tip.

“It was on the credit card statement, they put it down next to the register and he said three times, ‘Don’t spend it all in one place.’ That’s what made her flip it over and look, and she’s like, ‘Oh my god, are you serious?’ And he said, ‘I want you to have it, you guys work hard,'” owner Mike Zarella told WMUR-TV.

“I thought it was a mistake, it could have been maybe a $160 tip and he added extra zeros,” Zarella said. “The bar manager talked to the gentleman and he said, ‘No, it’s $16,000.'”

Once they realized what had happened, McCudden said, “We went up and we thanked him.

“It’s just been a really rough year for all of us,” she added. “For someone to do something like that really restored my faith in humanity. He just said that we work really hard and he wanted to do something nice and he just really wanted us to have it.”

Unfortunately for McCudden, the restaurant splits all the tips between all the servers each night.

“I’ve been doing this a very long time and I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” she told NBC Boston.

Many on social media, while thrilled with the man’s generosity, were upset that McCudden didn’t get to keep the entire $16,000.



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