This Dad Going Viral For Making ‘How To’ Videos For Kids Without Fathers Is As Wholesome As It Gets


Oh yeah, this one connected with me square in my feelicles. Absolutely obliterated. Maybe it’s the edible I took this morning, but my man Rob Kenney here has got me feeling all sorts of emo. Some real Cat Stevens “Father and Son” in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 type stuff.

Over the course of the last few days, YouTuber Rob Kenney has gone viral for his truly heartwarming channel called Dad, How Do I?,which sees the father-of-two producing straightforward “how-to” videos for kids without fathers (and really, anyone who needs them).

The channel’s brilliance is that they’re explanations of how to do everyday tasks such as ironing a shirt, unclogging a drain, tying a tie, hanging a shelf, etc, etc, etc. It’s the ultimate Big Dad Energy and it highlights the rare yet incredibly inspirational corner of the internet.


The channel has absolutely exploded in recent days: just yesterday, Kenney posted a thank you video and mentioned he has crossed 400,000 subscribers. Now, at the time of this writing, the channel is over 900,000 and will hit one million before the day is over.

Kenney, who’s from Chicago, has been open about the fact that he came from, what he called, a “fractured home”, as his father left when he was just 12-years-old.

 In an interview with WICU on May 13, Kenney explained what prompted him to start “Dad, How Do I?”

“I come from a fractured home, and so my goal in life was to raise good adults and so then when I got to, you know, early 50s, I’d felt like I’d already done that. Now what? I still got a lot of life to live. So if I could pass some of what I have learned, to help people…and it’s it’s definitely resonating. I’m getting such amazing comments from people. I’m humbled by it.” [via Upworthy]

These people right here are what we need more of in this world — people who are willing to look out for other people. It’s really that simple.


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