Awesome Dad Has Legendary (NSFW) Reaction When He Learns He’s Not Really 79-Years-Old

by 11 months ago
Dad Reaction Not 79-Years-Old


I love old people. They have lived through some amazing things and by the time they’ve reached their age they pretty much have zero f**ks left to give. A perfect example of this is an amazing dad who was filmed by his son when he tells him that he isn’t 79-years-old, but is much older. The man’s reaction is so legendary, and very foul-mouthed, that he has now become a national treasure thanks to social media.

“How old do you think you are?” asks the son.

“79,” dad replies.

“Higher,” says his son.

“89?” “Higher.”

“Higher than that?” dad asks while chuckling.

“90?” “Higher.”

“91?” “Higher.”

“Two?” “Higher.” “Three?” “Higher.” “Four?” “Higher.” “Five?” “Higher.” “Six?” “Higher.” “Seven?” “Higher.” “Eight?” “That’s it. 98.”

Dad pauses, then replies, “Your ass! I am not 98-years-old. Holy f**k! How’d I get so old so fast?”

“Time flies when you;’re having fun,” replies his son.

Dad and son then start doing some math when dad figures out that next year he will be 100.

“Holy f**k,” dad says, “Jeez, I’m going to be an old f**king man.”