Medal Of Honor Recipient Dakota Meyer Challenges Dan Bilzerian To A Fight

Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer challenged Dan Bilzerian to a fight on Saturday. The Purple Heart recipient and highly decorated Marine confronted Bilzerian for the second time this week after the “King of Instagram” allegedly leaked the phone number of Meyer’s wife, Bristol Palin. Bilzerian’s followers allegedly contacted Bristol with a number of prank calls in recent days. This is the ongoing feud between Bilzerian and Meyer that stems from the decorated Marine calling out Dan for running away from the hail of bullets during the Las Vegas shooting near the Mandalay Bay resort last Sunday night.

Meyer, who has been honored with several awards for his service in Afghanistan, posted an Instagram video where he challenged Bilzerian to a fight. “So I wake up this morning and I gotta tell you Dan.You wanted to get my attention? You got it baby, you got it. Here it is,” Meyer said in the video. “It’s one thing you talk about me all day, I don’t care. But here’s the problem. My purpose in life is family.”

Meyer claims Bilzerian gave out Bristol Palin’s phone number, “You wanna bring my family in this, you wanna put my wife in danger by putting her phone number out to people? You got your little friends trying to FaceTime her?” Meyer continues, “My life’s not a game and it’s not entertainment either so what I will tell you is, my family’s purpose is my purpose and now you’re my mission.”

Meyer then challenges Bilzerian to a fight, “This ain’t an option. You just need to tell me when and where and if not we’ll be somewhere together, I’m sure.” The Marine concludes his rant by saying, “Why don’t we handle this like men? You got it? You got it, Dan? I’m waiting.”

Bilzerian has yet to respond to Meyer’s offer. On Friday, Dan did respond to Meyer’s earlier assertion that Bilzerian was a coward with a Facebook post, which included a video of him asking a police officer for a gun to help take out the gunman during the shooting.

There’s a lot of media and keyboard commandos saying people who ran were cowards, this is probably the dumbest thing I’ve ever read, and the next time there is a mass shooting, everyone who doesn’t have a gun should absolutely run, it is so sad and pathetic that I even have to clarify that in anyway. I really can’t believe the kinda bullshit the media is feeding people these days.

At a time when the nation should be coming together in the face of the horrific tragedy of the Las Vegas massacre, there are two men shit-talking on Instagram and Facebook.