The Dalai Lama Pisses Off The Entire Internet By Claiming The His Successor Can Be Female As Long As She’s A Hot Lil Minx

Pallava Bagla/Corbis via Getty Images

“Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama

“Can’t be havin’ no ugly ass butter face tramp be taking my position. Sex it up, hunny!” -Also the Dalai Lama

I woke up today and saw that the Dalai Lama, the exiled spiritual leader of Tibeten Buddhism and the 1989 Nobel Peace Prize winner, was trending. Did he turn the other cheek in the face of violence? Did he build and orphanage for the underprivileged? Cure a leper?

No, no, no, my friend. This is 2019, people don’t start trending for good deeds. BOR—-INNNG!

The 83-year-old made international headlines this week after channeling my uncle after a few drinks at Thanksgiving by saying that  if his successor is a woman, she must be hot.

Via AOL:

“You once said that you would be open to a female successor,” BBC News reporter Rajini Vaidyanathan asked the religious leader, in a video interview published Thursday on Twitter.

“That’s also possible,” the Dalai Lama confirmed.

“You also told one of my colleagues that, that female must be attractive, otherwise it’s not much use,” she continued. “…Can you see why that comment upset a lot of women?”

The Dalai Lama answered, “If a female Dalai Lama comes, she should be more attractive.” If not, “people, I think prefer, not see her, that face.”

The reporter asked, “It’s about who you are inside, isn’t it?”

“Yes, I think both,” he said. “Real beauty is inner beauty, that’s true. But we’re human beings. I think the appearance is also important.”

Mr. Lama went on to say that people would prefer not to look at a “dead face” and claimed that women who are in the public spotlight should always wear makeup.

The Dalai Lama, more like the DAWGGGGGGGY Lama *howling at the moon* amiright!!!

Mind you, back in 2012, the Dalai Lama told Piers Morgan that he subscribed to a vow of celibacy, but also feels temptation at times when he sees a hot lil minx.

2019 is a weird fucking time.

[h/t AOL]