Dale Earnhardt Jr. Talks About His Final Two Races Before Retirement And Pushing Other Drivers

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Kimmel / YouTube

The legendary Dale Earnhardt Jr. only has two NASCAR races left before he retires from the sport forever. Dale Jr. is one of the most decorated drivers in NASCAR history. With a total of 26 career wins, Dale’s won the Daytona 500, he’s a member of the Texas NASCAR Hall of Fame, and almost certainly will enter the NASCAR HoF after he enters retirement.

This entire season has been a giant ‘victory lap’ for Junior, the cherry on top of a venerable racing career. As a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night, Dale Earnhardt Jr. talked about his final season as a NASCAR driver and how he’s pushing his fellow racers with two races to go. The other drives have all expected Junior to take it easy and coast into retirement and he’s playing off that, pushing them harder than they’d expect.

Dale Jr. also talked about how he discouraged all of the tracks from giving him obscure retirement gifts. He talked about how last year one of the race tracks gave a driver who was retiring several mini horses. Instead of receiving gifts, Junior tried to encourage the tracks to do charitable acts in the local communities instead. The weirdest gift he got was from New Hampshire, which is coincidentally the last NASCAR race I went to (several years ago). They gave him a vintage musket.