Mind-Blowing Footage From Inside The Las Vegas Sphere Goes Viral After Being Shared By Darren Aronofsky

Las Vegas Sphere

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Las Vegas is home to some truly over-the-top attractions, and that list now includes the eye-catching building known as “The Sphere.” The images projected on its exterior have repeatedly gone viral since its debut over the summer, but people who make their way inside the massive globe will also be in for a wild experience.

The vision for The Sphere (which is officially part of The Venetian) was originally unveiled in 2018, and the construction costs for the ambitious project managed to surpass the $2 billion mark when everything was said and done.

The venue won’t officially open until the end of September, but in July, the world got its first look at what the LED displays that cover the outside are capable of doing thanks to the variety of images that have routinely been projected on the rounded screen—including some good, old-fashioned corporate synergy and a pretty unnerving eyeball.

Those showcases have attracted a ton of attention, and it’s almost easy to forget The Sphere is home to an auditorium capable of fitting more than 18,000 people who will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the images projected on a massive 16K screen that will be harnessed during concerts and other shows that will also take advantage of the 167,000 speakers that have been installed.

U2 is set to kick things off with an inaugural run of 25 shows that are slated to kick off on September 29th, but The Sphere also tapped fame director Darren Aronofsky to oversee Postcard from Earth, which is described as a “a sci-fi journey deep into our future that revolves around “a journey from the Antarctic, deep into the ocean, across 15 different global locations and deep into space.”

On Tuesday, Aronofsky shared a clip of what’s in store and, well, it’s pretty hard not to be impressed by the spectacle.

Las Vegas really has it all.

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