Dave Bautista – An Asthma Suffer – Has An Interesting Take On Viral Video Of President Struggling To Breathe

Dave Bautista Asthma President

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Last night, a viral video showed President Donald Trump having trouble breathing after his release from Walter Reed Military Hospital following his COVID-19 diagnosis.

In the short clip, Trump appears to gasp for breath after removing his mask for a White House photo-op.

While Trump and his staff claim the President is doing great, Kellyanne Conway’s daughter Claudia is telling a much different story from an insider perspective.

Former WWE-star-turned-actor, Dave Bautista has another perspective on the video. Bautista suffers from asthma and recognized some of the behaviors in the viral video as his own when having trouble breathing.

The video of Trump was shared by Bautista’s “My Spy” costar Ken Jeong.

Bautista responded to Jeong and noted he can recognize the President struggling to breathe.

Bautista tweeted, “I’m an asthmatic. That’s what I would look like if I was trying to hide that I was having an asthma attack.”

Another Twitter user replied to Bautista’s comment that, “If I was breathing like that I’d be reaching for my inhaler.”

The actor replied:

To hammer home just how bad asthma attacks get for the former WWE Champion, Bautista shared a trick he used to survive some matches.

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