10 Things That Happened In ‘Deadpool 2’ That Make Pretty Much No Sense Whatsoever

Deadpool 2 Make No Sense

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If you are like many out there, you have already seen The Merc With A Mouth’s latest masterpiece, Deadpool 2. It was pretty darn good, right? That being said, what about these 10 things that happened in the movie that make no sense whatsoever.

Lazy writing or no lazy writing, some of what happened has us scratching our heads a little bit. Including the folks over at Screen Rant who were so bothered they actually took the time to create a whole video about the following oddities.

1. The Time Travel – Did anyone follow the timeline on that?
2. The Post Credits Scenes – Might have to watch those two or ten more times.
3. The Logan Reference – Umm, wasn’t Logan, the movie, set in 2029?
4. The X Men Cameos – When did this movie take place exactly?
5. Why Did Cable Come Back Now? – Good question.
6. Killing Vanessa – Necessary or “lazy writing?”
7. The Collars – How exactly do those work?
8. Cable’s Sacrifice – Again, seems unecessary.
9. Domino’s Alliance – To the comic books!
10. That Celine Dion Intro – The Canadian bond is very strong.

Not quite.

Hmmm… all of this talk brings up an interesting philosophical question. If there weren’t a bunch of things happening in a Deadpool movie that made little to no sense at all would it really even BE a Deadpool movie? Something to chew on while you check out the videos below.

More Deadpool goodness, because what else do you have to do today?

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