This Habit Is Killing Your Sex Life And It Has Nothing To Do With How Terrible You Are With Women

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A new report suggests that using a “death grip” to masturbate is complicating matters in the bedroom.

Listen, we get it, especially since our unofficial second brain dangles between our legs, mocking us at every turn. You may have noticed throughout the years that it is next to impossible to focus on all of the important matters as long our schlongs are in control and doing all of the thinking.

We could ignore it, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

No doubt, the pounding process begins with the best of intentions – nothing fancy, just cleaning out the pipes – but then somewhere around the Beaver Hunt feature in the latest Hustler magazine, the whack-act intensity gets turned up – and we’re talking big time.

This is the “death grip” — a term originally coined by sex columnist Dan Savage — and refers to “men that masturbate with an overly tight grip on their penises—or in any fashion that applies a LOT of pressure, like humping a mattress,” Sarah Martin, MA and certified sex coach, said in a recent interview with Men’s Health.

Umm…humping the mattress?

At any rate, the problem is jerking off using this stranglehold form is causing some men to experiencing difficulties when the time comes to have sex with another person.

Men with a death grip grow so accustomed to the tightness of their own fist that it becomes the standard intensity, which makes it tougher for them to get off or to maintain an erection.

Regardless of your preference for cavernous entry points, sex experts argue that wringing your wiener out like a wet rag is probably going to make real-deal sexual encounters less enjoyable than they are supposed to be.

“If someone gets accustomed to experiencing orgasm from a lot of pressure, changing to a context with less pressure and more subtle sensations can make it difficult to experience orgasm,” Martin said.

Although the reasons why we apply the death grip have been attributed to a lack of sexual education — the kind where boys are not being taught at a young age that pounding their peckers into submission isn’t necessary to achieve the desired result — some experts feel the tight grip might stem from sex shame.

“Limited access to sex education and religious restrictions on masturbation lead to many [male-bodied people] not being taught the proper way to pleasure themselves,” Daniel Saynt, founder of The New Society for Wellness, told Men’s Health. “Television and film representation of masturbation also doesn’t help.”

Martin also told MH that the death grip develops because “some young men are often so afraid of getting caught masturbating, that they develop death grip to get it ‘over with’ as quickly as possible.”

So ready for the good news? A guy can get over death grip and the best way is to practice, practice, practice!

“Practice solo!”, Martin implores. “When masturbating, use a light touch and use lube. Focus on what feels good.”

If you are trying to quit the death grip cold turkey because of problems between the sheets, try incorporating lubricants and just being gentle with the little prick can help bring some sensitivity back to the balls.

[via Men’s Health]


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Mike Adams is a freelance writer for High Times, Cannabis Now, and Forbes.