Delta Flight Forced To Divert After Passenger Spews ‘Diarrhea All Over’ The Plane

Delta airplane

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It’s hard to imagine there are a lot of people these days who genuinely look forward to boarding a commercial flight thanks to the various headaches you risk encountering, and a recent incident involving an airplane that was forced to divert over diarrhea sums up that reality.

Being packed in a metal tube with hundreds of other people can be a pretty miserable experience by itself, and you can only hope the passengers you’re sharing a cabin with are going to be on their best behavior.

Unfortunately, you never know when you’re going to end up in the vicinity of someone who insists on bringing a stinky in-flight meal, went a little too hard at the airport bar, or managed to convince themselves someone else on the flight isn’t real.

Those are all figuratively crappy situations to end up in, but I think most people would probably prefer them to the one that unfolded on a Delta flight that was supposed to land in Barcelona last week only to make an early landing thanks to a gag-inducing development.

According to Insider, DL194 took off from Atlanta on Friday and was en route to Spain when it made an unexpected U-turn over Virginia and headed back to its original destination. The reason? Well, as one of the pilots was captured telling air traffic control, there was a “biohazard issue” stemming from a passenger who “had diarrhea all the way through” the cabin of the Airbus A350.

A Reddit user also managed to get their hands on an FAA flight progress strip that documented the fateful incident with four words that give “For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn” a run for their money: “PASSENGER DIARRHEA ALL OVER.”

According to tracking data, the flight landed back in Atlanta after being in the air for less than two hours and the people aboard were eventually able to make it to Barcelona eight hours after they were initially scheduled to arrive.

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