Woman Bravely Challenges The Oktoberfest ‘Devil’s Wheel’ And Nearly Wins The Battle

Oktoberfest Devil's Wheel

Getty Image / Daniel Osterkamp

Oktoberfest 2023 got off to a hot start over the weekend. The annual drinking fest in Munich, Bavaria will run from September 16 to October 3 this year and one of the main attractions is the Devil’s Wheel.

There are quite a few attractions at each year at Oktoberfest. Things like the Toboggan, watching the Kellnerin carrying a comical amount of beer at one time, and the Teufelsrad aka ‘Devil’s Wheel’.

The Oktoberfest Devil’s Wheel is a spinning ride where the goal is simple: don’t fall off. It’s easer said than done. Women dressed in their Dirndl dresses are cheered on by men in their Lederhosen as the Devil’s Wheel spins faster and faster. And when speed doesn’t send everyone flying off they introduce ropes and balls to knock off the challengers.

‘Ozzy Man Reviews’ released a primer video on the Devil’s Wheel but the video down below is the real goods:

This effort from Oktoberfest 2019 with a stacked Devil’s Wheel was incredible. Enough so that I wrote about the wheel back then. But I’ve been bombarded with Devil’s Wheel videos since the festival began over the weekend and one really stood out. Her strategy of doing a full split to get as flat as humanly possible onto the wheel is incredible.

Best Devil’s Wheel Strategy At Oktoberfest

The best part is the video cuts off before she even gets knocked off. Those workers tasked with luring her off with the rope and swinging punching bag-style ball were playing Checkers and she was playing Chess.

By keeping as low of a center of gravity as possible she was in a perfect position to never get knocked off. She was lightning quick with climbing off the rope without getting her body too high. It really is the only strategy to stay on the Devil’s Wheel for an extended period of time.

In addition to the Devil’s Wheel, the Toboggan is another one of the most popular Oktoberfest attractions:

It looks significantly easier than the wheel. Perhaps I’m missing something.